I want to know more about…


Thinking about the assessment process, how long it took, what happened as part of the process and how easy it was to make the decision to go ahead.


Talking about the options for nursery provision with a deaf child. What factors were important to you when making this decision?


Talking about the practical arrangements for the cochlear implant operation, staying in the hospital, and how long the recovery process took.

Switch on

Thinking about the day of the switch-on, how did your child respond and what sounds could they hear?



Talking about the daily routine, how easy the equipment is to use and troubleshooting any issues.

First sounds

Thinking about the first time you realised how well your child was hearing, and special moments with your child.



Discussing how different music can sound with a cochlear implant, and how much enjoyment your child gets from playing and listening to music.


Summing up about experiences with a cochlear implant, including tips and things we wish we had known before we went ahead.